Two Ways to Buy Your Pre-Owned Vehicle

1.  We offer a small inventory of pre-owned vehicles.  Click below to learn more.

2.  Looking for a specific pre-owned vehicle not currently in our inventory?  We can help you find it! ​​

Westlake Independent Auto Sales is a member of the dealer-exclusive Manheim Auction.  Manheim rigorously inspects each vehicle and creates a detailed condition report.  We carefully review each report and are skilled in choosing only high quality vehicles that meet our uncompromising standards. 

Here's how this service works:​

  • We gather from you the specific details of the car you're searching for:  ​budget, make, model, number of doors, choice of color, etc.

  • We collect a deposit to begin the process.  This deposit ensures your commitment and will be included as a portion of your total payment when the car is delivered to you.* 

  • We search Manheim's inventory for cars that meet your specifications and our standards.  Since Manheim auctions are held bi-weekly on Thursday mornings, this process may require a bit of patience to find the right car for you. 


  • After successfully bidding on the chosen vehicle, it is delivered to Westlake Independent Auto Sales where we conduct a complete inspection and prepare it for delivery to you. 

  • You drive away happy in the quality vehicle you were searching for.  

*  Deposit is non-refundable